Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trip to the Aquarium

On August 1st, the 2008 Summer Readers met at the Library at 7:00 AM (yes, faithful readers that’s AM; as in morning) and took the two hour trip to the Aquarium. Our driver, Mr. Rogers was absolutely wonderful!!! We filled an entire chartered bus. When we arrived, the children were enchanted by the sight of the “Great Ocean Tank.” The GOT measures 42 feet in height,, holds 385,000 gallons of water and contains over 400 animals. It is the tallest tank in North America. The participants also had a unique opportunity to see the actual feeding of the fish in the great tank and got a great presentation by one of the marine biologists.

As we were heading into Charleston we saw the Ravenel Suspension Bridge. Ms Brenda mentioned that she was terrified of bridges over water. So, of course, all the children demanded that we go OVER the bridge when we left the Aquarium. Mr. Rogers, our driver, relented and we took a detour. We went over the bridge twice, coming and going. Ms. Brenda survived!! After a lunch stop, we headed home. I am here to tell you that the return trip was very quiet with sleepy children (and adults!)


Well faithful blog heads - it's been quite awhile since I posted. "Whats up?" you may be asking. Well, boys and girls, your fellow blog head has had an extreme case of writers block or writers cramp. All that means is, sometimes overwhelmed with options, it is hard to choose what to write about.

We had such a great wrap up of our summer reading program that I had too many pictures, too many ideas and too much "stuff" that I couldn't choose or prioritize. Well, I cannot promise that the quality of writing will be great, but the flood gates have opened so be prepared. The next few posts will be coming at you pretty quickly!

Thanks for your patience, and keep reading - feedback is ALWAYS welcome.