Saturday, June 30, 2012

What happens when you take two talented actors presenting a play that has nine characters? Well that’s called the magic of theater! And magic was what we had last Friday at the Opera House when Porkchop Productions presented “Chicken Little.” We had an SRO (standing room only) crowd and the entire audience was enchanted with madcap adventures of Chicken Little. With a little help from our summer readers; the actors, Stacy and Laura, presented 10 separate characters. (We’re talking some serious costume changes here.)

Now the truth can be told: when Chicken Little arrives to see the king who should he meet? Yep, Elvis the real king!! When Laura came on stage dressed as Elvis, she brought the house down. You probably could hear the laughter on Main Street. The whole Elvis twist was the best kept secret at the library. We were dying to tell for weeks, but we held off and the surprise factor was worth it!!

We would like to thank the Friends of the Library for their continued support in bringing live theater for the summer readers. Of course special thanks to the Lee County Arts Council and the Bishopville Opera House for partnering in this and other activities. Strong partnerships build strong communities.

We have hit the half way mark of the 2012 Summer Reading Program. Because of the holiday nothing is planned for this week. Next week we will be offering a three day art class. This class is limited and you must be enrolled in summer reading AND sign up separately for the class. If you are interested, please come to the library and speak with Brenda.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Summer Reading Program......

Wondering what you should do on a picture perfect early summer morning? Heading out to the Lee State Park would be one good way to get your sunshine and fresh air.

That was exactly what Brenda and I and about 60 summer readers did last Friday when we kicked off our 2012 Summer Reading Program at the park. We had SO much fun and, as usual, learned a little more about our natural world with the help of Park Ranger Laura Kirk. Ranger Kirk did a presentation informing the crowd that it is illegal to pick leaves off the trees at the park. (Hmmmmm, didn’t know that!) Then she showed everyone how to make leaf rubbings from the leaves she provided. (Trained professionals can get leaves legally. Who knew?) Everybody made their leaf rubbings and then Ranger Laura laminated the sheets of paper. The readers then cut out the leave shape and voila: a bookmark is made. This was one of the neatest projects we have done in a long time! Everybody had a great time and I think the parents had more fun than the kids.

We all then retired to the shed for lunch. Brenda cooked up some hotdogs and we all had lunch. After lunch was a nature walk and then a marshmallow roast. The marshmallow roast was in jeopardy because all the wood was so wet from the recent rains, but Ranger Laura once again came to the rescue and had a great little fire going in the grill. All in all the day was a wonderful way to start the 2012 Summer Reading program! If you have not been to the Lee State Park recently you should make an attempt to get out there. It is a lovely area right here in our own back yard and available to everyone for free.