Friday, May 6, 2011

Bloomin' Mother's Day Project....(and more!)

The “Bloomin’ Mother’s Day” program that Brenda held today was a wild success! She had to have two sessions there was so much interest. The youngsters decorated flower pots and then planted flowers in them for their Mothers. Everybody had a great time and they all went home with something nice for Mom.

Final reminder gentle readers: the South Carolina Book Festival is this weekend on May 14th and 15th. There are going to be lots of authors, book sellers, appraisers and panel discussions. New to this year’s program is a special children’s area on the second floor of the Convention Center. Both Saturday and Sunday there will be children’s story times, theatrical presentations and music. Truly this year’s event has something for everyone. It occurs to me that all the time I have been promoting this event I forgot a very important item; namely – it’s FREE!!! Yep, the whole weekend is free. (Free is good in my world!) Meanwhile you are in the heart of Columbia’s Vista District with all the great galleries, antique stores and restaurants. It’s a win-win weekend. So I hope to see you in Columbia. If you are at the Convention Center give me a shout out. (I will be live tweeting all weekend!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's the 15th SC Annual Book Festival - come join us!!

Every year the Lee County Library partners up with the South Carolina Book Festival and pitches in to help promote and put on the Festival. This year the Festival will be held from Friday May 13th through Sunday May 15th. The line up of authors is impressive!!

Friday is devoted to Master Classes. Here you can learn everything from how to discover your poetic voice to becoming a social media maven and lots of stuff in between. The classes are posted on the Festival website, or you can come to the library and ask me. Saturday there will be readings, discussions and book signings. Mary Alice Monroe, a popular South Carolina author will be presenting her new book “The Butterfly’s Daughter” and follow up with a book signing. C. J. Box, another bestselling author will also be presenting. There really are too many to list, but I know that our own Jack Bass and Natalie Dupree (Frances Ginsberg’s brother and sister-in-law) will be in attendance.

All of the information is available at, or come to the library and ask Elizabeth. Just one more thing, something new this year is a special children’s program running Saturday and Sunday on the Upper level of the Convention Center. Books a Million is sponsoring this event, and there will be music, story telling, magicians and theatrical productions. This is a new addition to the Festival and I am sure it will be delightful.

If you love books, like authors or just like to schmooze – this is a great volunteer opportunity. The Festival Directors work hard all year long on this project and they really appreciate the support of the volunteers. I have been volunteering for years and I am here to tell you: it’s a blast! You get to meet a bunch of new people and rub shoulders with some famous writers. (Who, by the way, are very approachable and nice.) Consider offering your time to this great event. Contact me at the library or visit the website for more information.

With all that said, the Library will be closed on Saturday May 14th. Hope to see you in Columbia!