Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Readers visit the Alpaca Farm..............

The Summer Reading program field trip today was to Emmett Acres locally known as The Alpaca Farm. This pastoral farm is operated by Monty and Randall Gooding and is located off Route 15 south of Bishopville.

The children were enchanted by the peaceful creatures. Mr. Randall Gooding gave a brief presentation reviewing the history and the habits of Llamas and Alpacas. Then Monty brought out 9 month old "Nacho" a beautiful creature that is in training for shows. Nacho was very patient and let all the children pet, hug and kiss him.

Emmett Acres is a hidden jewel in Lee County. Mr. and Mrs. Gooding welcome visitors but you should call before going: 803.428.2161.

Check it out:

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We will be posting the videos to YouTube as soon as we figure out the editing software. We have consulted our professional mentor and even he is baffled by it. We will let everyone know as soon as the video is posted.

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