Monday, September 15, 2008

Where the scary things are....

Dawn, (the diminutive director) is getting INTO Halloween! It's her favorite holiday and she goes all out with the decorating.

Stop in the Library and check out what we are upto - there's always something going on!!


Abbeville County Library System said...

Hello, Dawn, Elizabeth, et. al!

I had a wonderful, impromtu visit to your library last week! Driving to the beach for SOS (for a fabulous weekend of shagging and sun!), I spotted the sign for Bishopville. (and immediately knew I had to stop in to see your building in person!) Congrats on all the beautiful things you've done. The place looks great -- so welcoming and inviting. (When Abbeville moves into its new building in a year or two, I hope you'll take me on a shopping trip!)

From now on, Bishopville will be a planned stop along the way any time the beach is calling! How lucky the folks in Lee County are to have you all at the helm --

Mary Elizabeth

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, ME, good to see you. Sorry we didn't have more time. Come back soon.