Saturday, December 4, 2010

It was a chilly morning......

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It started out to be a beautiful winter day. It was crisp, clear and cold with a hint of frost on the fields. Who knew that it was going to turn into a red letter day?

On Wednesday last, when I got to work, I thought that the rest of the gang was acting strangely. After I had put my stuff away my director, Dawn Ellen, handed me a big envelope from the SC State Library. Ordinarily large envelopes from the state library are not a good thing so I opened it gingerly. The cover letter started:

“Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that your application for a grant of Library Services and Technology Act funds has been approved.”

What happened next involved shouting, leaping, dancing and some tears. The entire staff spent the rest of the day on cloud nine. We just never expected that our grant proposal could win out against the larger libraries in the state. What a great endorsement for Lee County and the Lee County Library.

Now we have to get busy and design the programs that this grant will fund. We will be featuring a lot of new programs for children and teens emphasizing education and cultural events. We can’t wait to get started so pay close attention to this weekly column and the blog to keep informed as we roll out the new programs.

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pollyalida said...

Congratulations! What sort of programming are you planning? Well done. Enjoy the well deserved glow of success!