Friday, February 11, 2011

Strong Partnerships make strong communities

The Lee County Library firmly believes that strong partnerships make strong communities; and therefore we were thrilled to partner with the MLD Higher Learning Academy to reward their students for achievement in the MAP tests administered last fall.

On February 4th, twenty four students from the MLD Academy took a break from their regular routine and visited the Friends of the Library Annex located on Nettles Street.
These students had made significant gains in the District MAP( Measures of Academic Progress) for the fall semester, 2010 and the school rewarded them with a day of celebration.

Students played the latest Wii and PSP2 technology games. They had a terrific time as they ate pizza, chicken and popcorn while they played numerous games and enjoyed socializing. This fun day incentive was planned to reward the students who made gains to continue to do so and to encourage and to motivate other students to work harder on the upcoming test. The students were excited about the celebration and committed to making the necessary gains needed to attend the next MAP Celebration.

One of the students said, that the Annex building was like heaven to him. He was able to
enjoy all of the games he ever dreamed of. Many students formed Rock Bands, while others became Michael Jackson with the famous glove. All in all, students had a blast!

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