Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Partnerships.......

Another partnership we are celebrating is teaming up with “Relay for Life.’ Once again, Librarian Brenda has come forward and offered her custom crafted basket we are calling “Sow the Seeds for Life.” The basket is available for viewing at the library until April 21st, when the library will donate the proceeds to the “Relay for Life” committee and they will offer opportunity tickets for the basket at their fundraiser “Taste of Relay” to be held at the old Bishopville High Gym.

The “Taste of Relay” is a new offering to the community from the “Relay For Life” committee and it sounds like a winner. Tickets to attend will be offered to the community at a very reasonable price and if you find a special food offering you like, the recipe will be available to you. This sounds like such a win-win for the community I can’t wait to participate.

Let us not forget to support the South Carolina Quilt Show. Yikes, it’s fifteen years old. Can you believe it? Doris Winstead will be displaying quilts all over downtown Bishopville in the next week or two. The library, as in the past, will be featuring quilting books and history in the library.

Support your community in the effort to improve and enrich all of our lives. Visit the library, visit an older friend, support the efforts of others. We are all in this together!

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