Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strong Partnerships make strong communities......

Caption: Director Dawn Ellen and Librarian Brenda Brisbon examine the register tape from Dollar General 20106

Yikes, it has been awhile since your faithful blogger has posted. Between the 2012 Summer Reading Program, new programs here at the library and new partnerships in the community there has been plenty to write about. Of course, with all the new stuff happening at the library there comes a certain restraint to the time it takes to write about everything.

But, I digress.

The one thing that happened this week that I did want to note was the great partnership we have with the Dollar General store in Sumter. Gary Fredericks the manager of Dollar General store 20106 has always stepped up and helped the library with donations and close outs at the end of the seasons. This week however, he out did himself. When Librarian Brenda stopped by the store Gary was ready for her and by the time she was done, she had a cash register receipt measuring about 30 feet. The total bill? (Wait for it.....) $36.15. Yep, about a buck a foot. The summer seasonal things she got are going to fit right in with the 2013 Summer Reading Program theme: "Dig into Reading."

We wish to thank Gary and his staff for all their support.

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