Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer reading is o.v.e.r.......

Well, the 2014 Lee County Library’s Summer Reading program has concluded! Although it was a dark and threatening day out, we had a wonderful final program at the Lee State Park with our pal Ranger Laura. Her program: “Aquatic and Biotic Factors in Fresh Water Quality” was fascinating!! Although intimidating as that may sound it essentially means water life and how it reflects the quality of the water they live in. To that end, we pulled samples from the artesian well that feeds the ponds. By looking under the electron microscope we could identify various small and microscopic flora and fauna and by looking at their condition conclude that the water quality at the ponds is good to excellent. Yay!! Then Laura pulled out pelts and specimens of some of the wild life that lives in the park. Deer, otter, raccoon as well an assortment of snakes were all displayed and handled by the youngsters. Thanks to Ranger Laura Kirk for a great and informative program. We all learned a lot.
Next we all went to Scoops where the owner Griselda Wilson provided us with a nice lunch of hot dogs, potato chips and, of course, ice cream! She also went out of her way to offer the children cookies and assorted sweets. We were surprised and pleased when she gave out school supplies to the youngsters. Thanks to Griselda for going above and beyond our expectations!!
So this was our busiest and most exciting summer reading program. Thanks to grants from the LSTA and administered by the SC State Library we were able to bring three great programs to Lee County. The EdVenture program kicked of the season, we funded PorkChop Productions presentation and finally the Lee State program closed the season. We would like to thank all our partners for their help: The Lee County Arts Council, Clemson University Extension, Lee State Park and Scoops Ice Cream. We also must thank the parents of the participants who go out or their way to get their children to the programs. Summer Reading is fun, but more importantly it helps students keep their reading skills sharp so they are at an advantage when school starts. So, thanks to everyone and we hope we will see you next summer!
Oh, one more thing: thanks to the SC State Library who donated some children’s books to us to give to our summer readers. We had some left over so we gave them to Griselda at Scoops to hand out. If you would like a brand new children’s book _”Wild About Reading, by Judy Sierra just go to Scoops and present your library card. Viola, you will have a very nice book to add to your collection!

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