Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sumter County Library Grand Opening

Elizabeth J. Kerr, Chair of the LC Library Board and Librarians Brenda and Elizabeth attended the Grand Opening of the Sumter County Library on Saturday. What a fine time. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

The new facility is breathtaking. We want to thank Faith Line for inviting us to participate in this special day with her. The facility is a credit to all her hard work.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed myself with my kids when we visited the Lee County Library. There was never a dull moment. We had the chance to read and explore each other in a setting that was so appropiate. And a great thanks to the librarians there.

Anonymous said...

Lee county library is the best library around.Those who have never been are missing a treat of a life time.My visits to the library are never the same.Some days are filled with adventure,some days are filled with non stop laughter! The enviroment is out of this world!The following librarians:Brenda,Elizabeth,Dawn and Missy are like the charcters from your favorite book.You enjoy them every time.The atmospher is extravogant!The designs and decorations are beautiful.They remind me of different pages from books.When my kids come,it feels like home because of the loving librarians,and the warm atmosphere.The tour of the library is a walk to remember.Oh, and by the way, it smells great too!When I'm in the library it feels like I'm in another world some where,and their flikr page is fantastic!Lirarians of Bishopville,keep on keepin on!And by puting God first,the library is moving to higher heights,and deeper dephts!