Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Returning to the Blog

It's been pretty quiet at the blogosphere lately, but we have our reasons. Your faithful blogette was out of the office last week for most of the week. She is also suffering from a fine summer cold that has slowed her down a bit. Additionally, the library is suffering from computer meltdown that has put a damper on blog efforts. But we will soldier on.

Last week the summer readers had a wonderful performance by Judy Pancoast, aka Judy Tunes. Judy presented a wonderful musical program that had all the children up, dancing and singing. We will have pictures up on the Flickr site as soon as our computer malaise is cured.

This week will be the big EdVenture field trip with a side trip to the Richland County Library. We will have lots of pictures from that and, hopefully, have them up on YouTube shortly.

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