Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Summer Reading Saga Continues.........

There are not words enough to express the HUGE SUCCESS of the EdVenture trip that the Summer Readers went on last Friday. We loaded a chartered bus at 7:30 AM and were on our way to Columbia SC. When we arrived the children were introduced to Eddie, the World's Largest Child. Eddie sits in the foyer of the museum and rises forty feet in the air. He weighs 35.000 pounds...that's 17.5 TONS! His shoes alone are about the size of an average automobile. The children were FASCINATED!! But there is more, when you go around the back of Eddie, you get to enter and see how his body functions. I am here to tell you, this is one impressive 10 year old boy! After Eddie, the museum is self guided, so you can pretty much wander around as much or as little as you like.

After a couple of hours the group went to McDonalds for a nice lunch. Then it was off to the Richland County Library to visit their Children's Library.

Librarian Leslie Petreault entertained the group with a puppet show, songs and storytime. We thank Leslie for her hospitality and the hospitality of the entire staff.

Well, it was quite a day, and the bus trip home was very, very quiet. Every child was fast asleep.

This week wraps up the Summer Reading Program with a scavenger hunt at Lee State Park and Recreational Area.

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