Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cook out mania - with a purpose

By now we hope you have survived all the April Fool’s pranks and have put your life back together. The Library ladies are hard at work getting ready for the 1st Annual Cookout to be held at the Main Firehouse on Friday April 4th. Listen, you like your library, right? You like to eat, yes? So this is a winning combination for you. You get lunch and the Library gets bucks for the 2008 Summer Reading Program. Extra bonus: we all get to see each other at the Firehouse. Sounds like fun to me – it’s all good. So plan on attending and purchase your tickets in advance at the Library.

Above - the picture of the grilled cheese sandwich with pickled okra (lunch) is one of ouor most popular on Flickr - the link to the sight is on the left hand column - check it out!!

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