Monday, April 7, 2008

an unqualified success>>>>>>>

The first annual cook out for the 2008 Summer Reading Program went off without a hitch. Zack Medlin, the all around “fix-it” volunteer guy here at the library is now known, affectionately, as the “Condiment Guy.” Zack’s help at the service table made sure that everyone got their required condiments in each box. Laura Windham, friend and supporter of the library, is now known as the “cole slaw girl” for her excellent preparation of the cole slaw. Where others just see cabbage and mayonnaise, Laura sees opportunity for excellence. Cheryl O’Kelley Cole handled tickets and cash handling with aplomb. She also served as greeter and general back up guy. Elizabeth Roberts, a weekly volunteer/intern at the Library, helped on the service line and generally kept up the spirits and good humor of the entire group. A huge THANK you to all the volunteers who helped make this fundraiser a success. We appreciate your help and give you all a well deserved (metaphorical) hug!!

Above: from right - Zack Medlin, Librarian Elizabeth, Librarian Missy and intern Elizabeth

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