Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just another day at the library.....

It's what we do!!!! Heavy duty homework help this time of year and at this time of day.

Also - this just in from the ALA - "Kids @ the Library Program."

Top 10 Things for Kids to Do @ The Library

10. Find the great new books that other kids are reading

9. Curl up with your favorite magazine or book

8. Discover places you’ve never heard about on maps and globes, and in encyclopedias

7. Find music and books on CD, and DVD movies to take home

6. Be with your friends after school in a fun place

5. Take home a work of art that you make at an art workshop

4. Learn more about your favorite baseball player, artist, or animal

3. Do research for school and get help with your homework

2. Listen to storytellers, and authors and illustrators reading their books

1. Become a better reader by reading to a dog, joining the summer reading program or a book club, and asking the librarian for help finding a book by your favorite author or the next book in your favorite series

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