Saturday, February 14, 2009

PLAD (Public Library Appreciation Day).....

The LCPL was happy to participate at the Public Library Appreciation Day held at the SC State House on Wednesday February 11th. This event gives the state public libraries the opportunity to meet with legislators and impress on them the importance of libraries to their constituents. We have written before how important YOUR library, the LCPL, is to Lee County. We offer unlimited service to our patrons in the form of resume help, job placement, hands on computer training and full research/reference service. We have noticed an marked increase in our resume and job search inquiries and we are always happy to help our patrons. It is important for the public and the legislature to be aware of these services. Cutbacks to FREE public services during a time of economic hardship does not seem reasonable. If you or your friends or family have made use of the Library and our services, we urge you to contact your legislator and let your feelings be known.

The LCPL would like to thank Representative Grady Brown (D-50th) for his past support. At the meeting in Columbia, he personally assured me of his future support. One of the great things about living in Lee County is accessibility we have to our Representative. Grady freely gives of his time, and for our part, we truly appreciate him!

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