Saturday, January 30, 2010

Words to live by!!

I attended the PLAD (Public Library Appreciation Day) at the South Carolina State house on Wednesday January 27th. Librarians from all over the state came together to impress upon the State Legislators the importance of libraries to the citizens of the state.

I am writing this on Saturday. We are fortunate to be open on Saturdays since we lost one librarian during the last round of budget cuts. It is because the librarians rallied and shifted around that we are able to open on Saturdays.

Today is cold, cold, cold and very rainy. So far today I have helped a patron set up a Facebook page, another an e-mail account as well as handing out tax forms, answering questions and helping a high school kid get enrolled in extra credit classes.

Not to mention the six homeless guys we give shelter to on bad days.

Where will the homeless guys be tomorrow - I don't know - because of the budget cuts we can no longer open on Sundays.

At PLAD, SC Library Director David Goble called the state librarians "first responders." How right he is! We are on the front line of information technology for most of our citizens. We help with resumes, help with job searches, offer training in software - not to mention just the general reference questions printing/copying services and homework help..

Take the time to contact your state legislators. It is important for them to know how valuable your library is to you. We are here for you when you need us - please try to be here for us now!!

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Charles said...

The Lee County Library can go toe-to-toe with any in the state. You guys do a great job. And, I'm impressed with the Saturday hours, which give weekday 9-5ers a chance to get in and check out the goods.