Friday, October 15, 2010

Friends of the Library Week proclaimed..........

Governor Mark Sanford has declared October 17th – 23rd as “Friends of the Library Week.” Following is the proclamation:

WHEREAS, libraries are an essential part of the fabric of communities throughout the state and they link us to one another and to the ideas and events of yesterday, helping us prepare for tomorrow, and serving as a sanctuary in which we are free to read, write, and dream about events and ideas of the past, present and future; and

WHEREAS, libraries have become powerful equalizing forces in society where every visitor is welcome and knowledge is free to all regardless of personal wealth or position; and

WHEREAS, Friends of the Library groups energize libraries by enhancing their services and capabilities in communities across the Palmetto State; and

WHEREAS, Friends of the Library volunteers give their time and talents to sponsor recreational and educational programs for children and adults and organize book sales and other events to raise funds to meet special library needs.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark Sanford, Governor of the Great State of South Carolina, do hereby proclaim October 17-23, 2010, as


What Mr. Sanford has proclaimed, the Lee County Library has always known. Our local Friends of the Library are true and valuable friends. They have supported our programs both monetarily and with enthusiasm. This is a great opportunity to say thank you to them and acknowledge their value to us and our appreciation of them.

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