Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's more than books @ your library.....

The library has several resources for resume building. Using the Kuder Personal Pathways software available to us we can build a resume, do a cover letter and search for jobs all at one website. Oh yeah, best part….it’s FREE!!

This website is quite a bit more than just resume writing. With Kuder, you can follow a self-guided, step-by-step process to plan your next career move. It starts simply by learning about yourself– specifically what you like doing (interests), what you are good at (skills), and what is important to you in a work environment (values).

With our comprehensive, user-friendly, and Internet-based solution, you can explore new career directions, plan for future education, seek current job opportunities, and even apply for financial aid. All of the information is uniquely tailored to your needs based on how you register with the system and identify your occupational background and employment situation.

This service is available for free. However, an appointment must be made to use this service. That is because of the intensive nature of the on line assessment procedure. Appointments can be made by calling Elizabeth at 803-484-5921 Tuesday through Saturday. Please allow a least one hour for the needs assessment. If you need a resume built allow more time.

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